Macie’s Mom

She’s the kind of Girl that makes you want to stay awake for every second of the day because you just don’t want to miss a minute with her. The type of Girl that make you want to do bad things to Her in the best possible way. I remember one night we were having a few drinks with a couple friends and decided to go to the the strip club. We get dressed and head out, the 4 of us. We stopped at a bar on the way and had a few more drinks and finally ended up at Sammy’s Gentleman’s Club. She walked in knowing She owned the place. She had on a maxi skirt that went down to Her ankles but had slits that came up to Her panty line on both sides. As always, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off Her. The couple that was with us couldn’t believe we’d been together for 10 years from the way we were acting. I never took my eyes off Her. She loved the attention I gave Her, so much so that She started stripping for me right there in the strip club. She was dancing and took Her panties off and tossed them to me. I took a big whiff of them like they were made out of oxygen or something. She kept going and it got to the point where people that were in the club started throwing money at Her like She worked there. Needless to say, we were escorted out the club for the chaos we caused. I can honestly say I never once seen another female while we were in that building. You see, She’s the kind of Girl that takes over any space she enters. Especially when I was around. Ever since day one, she was all I ever wanted. She had it going on.. And I know it might be wrong but I’m still in love with..

Macie’s Mom

**Macie is my daughter**


Elton John

Everything you’re about to read is 100% factual.

I remember the first time I ever got drunk. At the time it was an indescribable feeling.. Over time, I got use to it. I recall the first time I ever smoked weed.. Felt like I was sooo heavy but out of my body at the same time. I think back to the first time I ever tried nitrous oxide.. It made my brain feel like mush. I reminisce of the first time I tried ecstasy. I don’t remember feeling anything that night. The next day was the best feeling I thought I could ever have. I regret the first time I tried cocaine. It turned out to be one of the first girls I couldn’t get enough of. The first time I tried mushrooms is still a bit foggy to me. I can’t remember the first time I tried Xanax.. I do know that I never tried it again. Through the years there’s been Molly, percecet, oxycodine, roxie, I even tried chrystal meth a few times. All these drugs have one thing in common.. They got me lifted.. Some more than others.. Some I liked, others I didn’t.. But my favorite drug ever.. The one I crave and just can’t get enough of.. The one I’m so addicted to and probably need rehab for.. The one that, just the thought of it makes my heart beat and my mouth water.. The one that, hand down, gives me the best feeling that I can’t even begin to describe.. Is the Girl in the story.. You see, She didn’t just get me lifted.. She sent me to places unlike anything I’d ever tried.. She sent me waaay up there. She got me high..

Like a Rocket Man


Chaotic Love

Chaos theory is a branch of mathematics focusing on the behavior of dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions.

And it’s said that if a butterfly flutters it’s wings at the perfect moment, it could cause a tsunami on the other side of the world. A theory that is far from being metaphoric. There’s another saying, “If you love something, set it free.. If it comes back, it’s yours forever.” My question is, What if you set free that butterfly? That same butterfly that caused that tsunami.. What if you were caught in that tsunami? Metaphorically, flooded and drowned in the emotional anticipation awaiting it’s return. Here’s where the theory comes in to play. What if all this happened because the butterfly was trying to make it’s way back to you? Time exist simultaneously, meaning while something is happening to you, something is also happening to everything around you at any given moment. With that being said, the butterfly that caused the tsunami is essentially lost just like the one who released it. Hold on to what you love, people..because you may never find those pretty wings again..

Chaotic Love

She’s Out Of This World

I wipe the stardust off the windows of my space ship

Call out the spirits in my basement

Crawl out the center of the snake pit

And fall into the middle of Her greatness

Fireballs reflect off the frames of Our pictures

She’s not at all impressed with the flames or the flickers

Should take her for a walk on Her moon wearing slippers

The end of the world is coming soon, I’m going to miss her

The sky is falling down but I’m falling for Her quicker

She hides amongst the clouds while I pardon the enigmas

I’m high above the ground but I’m still under Her charisma

Her sound is in surround when I reach Her solar system

The quiet calms my quasars, an eclipse is eclipsing

My astronaut helmet kinda shifted and I missed it

Planet of heart aches, yet so much space off in the distance

She’s out of this world, and I just got evicted

I’m in Her Universe, a multi-verse that’s been perfected

The ocean waves and luna rays point me in the right direction

It’s been way too long

I don’t care how long

I’ll find Her again

I know I will

Somewhere up here in the stars

🌟 Intergalactical Love 🌟


~You SHOULDA just let me have you~

~I WOULDA made you so happy~

~You didn’t give me a CHANCE~

~We’ll never know what COULDA happened~

~Forever I wish you HAPPINESS~

~I’ll never do it AGAIN~

~I PROMISE I’ll love you forever~

~I don’t want to be without YOUR LOVE tonight~

~When I was with you it felt like PARADISE~

~Mix a few MISTAKES with a few WRONGS and RIGHTS~

~When you listen to YOUR HEART it gives you~


The Dark Side of the Moon

No matter how hard you try, there’s some things in life that will always mean more to you than others. It could be anything.. That sports car you worked hard to get, the house that was passed through generations and finally made it to you, or in my case, the Girl in the story… Things happen, I get it.. But what I don’t get is when things don’t happen. When it all comes to an end, who’s going to be the one to regret the decisions we made? Is hurting now worth peace of mind later in life? Knowing I intentionally did the right thing and got nothing out of it? Because from what I can remember, this wasn’t the plan. Then again, who am I to try and alter the course set before me? If everything we know is governed by universal laws, just like the seasons, everything that goes around will eventually come back around. Am I wrong for still feeling like when I was with the Girl in the story it was like paradise? They say when we die we’re able to hold on to only one memory to take into the next life with us.. If you had a choice, what would yours be? You probably think you know what mine would be, right? You think it would be the Girl in the story? Well, you’re wrong. The one memory I’d take with me is the memory of the Moon. Trying to carry the memory of a person into the next life would be too much of a long shot. There’s billions of people in the world. What if you never cross that person’s path? I’d say that’s a waste of one dying wish. Me, I’d take my memory of the Moon. There’s only one Moon.. And it would be my reminder that there’s only one her, the Girl in the story.. Plus, no matter what, I know I could spend every single night with it. I know it’ll never leave and it’ll always hold me down. It’ll be da sweetest reminder of the sweetest thing I’ve ever known. And after spending over 10 years with the Girl in the story, it’s one thing we’ll always share. The pieces of myself that I left with her, and the pieces of herself that left with me.. I know if I ever want to find her, where to go and She know exactly where I’ll be.. Waiting for her with our name in the sand.. On the Dark Side of the Moon.. 💕