I Got a Thing for Her


This is the Story of a Girl. But not just any girl. She’s nothing like your girl or his girl. She’s soo much more than that. You know how the sun shines so bright on those hot summer days? She makes the sun look like a single candle. When she smiles the whole universe smiles back at her. Imagine the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Now forget it because to compare her to anything is apples to oranges. She taught me the greatest lesson anyone could ever learn. She taught me how to love.  She also gave me 4 other beautiful things crafted in her likeness. I call them my daughters. Between the five of them, each one accounts for 20% of my entire life. So you see, this is why she’s not just any girl.

I’ll start by telling the truth.

  • I love her…so so so so so much
  • I have always loved her more than I ever showed
  • I wasn’t always the best I could be for her
  • I hurt her in ways no one should ever be hurt
  • I loved her in ways no one has ever been loved
  • She’s all I want and I’m not ashamed to let it be known
  • There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to get her back
  • She’s the only dream worth chasing

In all honesty, there was never a time that I didn’t love her more than anything and I’m pretty sure she knows that. My problem was when I saw her shine I didn’t want anyone else to get even a glimmer of it because it was so amazing. She blew my mind in ways I never thought was possible. When we kissed it was like opening up a door to another dimension. When I touched her body it was like walking on the rings of Saturn.  Her love was so good. Her voice my favorite song. I wanted it all to myself. I actually had it all to myself but didn’t realize it. Can people learn from their mistakes? Can one let go of the past in preparation for a future that was always part of the plan? Can this become the story of a guy and a girl? Or am I just a guy in love…






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