Unethical Reasoning

At what point does the things we value become worth so much that we become slaves (so to speak) to them? That point where everything we do, no matter directly or indirectly, is centered around the same objective. No matter the circumstances, the things we love have a funny way of taking over thought patterns. Things we see, what we hear, smell, everything is no longer controlled by you. You remember the song that’s playing, sure. But the reason why you remember it is what I’m talking about. And it’s those reasons that take you and me to our own little worlds at times. It’s that feeling that we love. No matter if it makes us happy or sad, it’s still ours and no one else’s. It’s how we justify these feelings that drives us to different things. What would you do to feel that way again? How far would you go to to make those dreams a reality? Would you be willing to leave certain things behind? Make drastic changes that reshape the person you once were? Would you go as far as hurting someone? That’s a bit extreme but it’s not unheard of. We get selfish when it comes to the things we want and need. We try to manifest our desires even if that manifestation isn’t the most ideal way of going about getting it. I am guilty of this. I spend all day with my head in the clouds hoping and wishing. And as unethical it may be, this is what I hope…And my reasoning.. 

So you see, no matter what I do..That smile, those lips, that body, her smell… It’s all I can ever think of. And I’d comfort her when someone breaks her heart.. I wouldn’t even mind her heart being broken if it meant.. I could have her back…blogheader


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