10 reasons why she should forgive me

She told me not too long ago that she has given up on love. My heart sank to my knees when I heard the words come out her mouth. She’s lost faith in the one thing that I’m holding on to. Searching for love in all the wrong places. You’d think by now I’d be over her but I swear the things she do to me are beyond words. I don’t know what it is but she got it. More than anyone I’ve ever met. And I want it soo bad…Question is.. Should she really forgive me? Should she gamble on love just one more time? Did I mean enough to her for her to get past the chatter that comes from all directions? I’d like to hope so.  Thinking you’re in love with someone and the relationship only last a month.. That’s just not me. Which is why I haven’t even attempted to venture off. I know that anything new is exciting and exhilarating. All 29 days of it. I refuse to be that guy, though. Stringing someone along until the next new thing shows up. I’ve stayed true to myself and honestly believe everything will be ok. I put in too much time and effort to just be done. I mean how many people can I say that every time I see their face it makes me want to sing.. Plus, I’ve been silently working on the man in the mirror. There’s no limit to the things I would do just to see her face every morning when I wake up. She has to forgive me, right? Here are 10 reasons why…

  1. I’ve stayed down for her through thick and thin no matter what we went throughgetty_sb10064912a-001_98952
  2. I’ve never let the things other people say dictate the way I feel about herpic
  3. I know the little things that make her smiledb01e48d4db5ea5464220a3233dc9fe4
  4. She inspires me even when she doesn’t know it749cc761-7de3-433b-aebd-2999c670b8ae
  5. I promise to give her the world and everything in it8q3qszvxrmkzkfpyrx2wiunbheu9jsiqj6ylsml2wudcw320-h240-no-1
  6. Her imperfections are what makes me love her so muchclumsy_princess_by_vgyvmpr-d5yu27n
  7. Richard something.. Something Simmons62603089
  8. There’s always something on her ass                                                   1780161
  9. My heart still beats fast when we kiss                                       fbc5bc6fa5ab8bd1aa2a86917846965f
  10. She completes me and holds me together                                              i9781305482753_0328

I’m at a point where I know what its going to take and she has the other half. Sticking to what I believe, ain’t nothing in this world that could break us up for real. It’s not a matter of hope.. It’s only a matter of time.


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