So, I’m just sitting here sipping on the last bit of vodka and all I seem to see is her face. So beautiful. I let my imagination run wild at times because without that I’d have nothing. Even now I still wonder, though. My memories of her never fade. My thoughts of her never retreat. Relentless in the best way, they show me no mercy. Why, though? Why do I put myself through this? Why is it that in a 24-hour time span, no matter what I’m doing I still find the time and ways to keep her on my mind? I remember the face she would make when she couldn’t decide if she wanted one thing or something else. She’d crinkle her nose and her lip would curl up and pucker up a bit. “Do you want Taco Bell?” Indecisive, she would hit me with the face.  I instantly knew to make another suggestion. But that face… That face was all it took. Other times when I would surprise her with something she’d do this thing with her head where she shook it in dismay while blinking a few times and would say “Ohmiga!” When I saw that I instantly knew what it meant. That face was all it took. Even now that I don’t have her, it wouldn’t take much to make my day. I could talk to her, I could text her.. I could get a letter from her, I could get a gift from her. But in all actuality, that face. That face is really all it would take. It’s one of the main reasons why I can’t be with anyone else. There’s nothing I’d rather look at than that little nose between those round cheeks with those amazing lips and long red hair that I swear gives her some sort of super powers. I haven’t seen her in a long time but one thing I know is that if/when I see her it’s going to be like the first time I’ve ever laid eyes on her. It’s like that every time. I think if I were to go blind she’d be all I’d ever see. I’d do anything to see her face right about now. I’d jump off a bridge, swim the English channel, join a hockey team, fly ants on a paper airplane, grow squash, ANYTHING!!! Anything, I tell you. I just wish she knew….. The things I would do… Just to see her face.


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