Question for you all. How well do you know yourself? How sure are you when it comes to knowing the answer to this question? I’ve never been one to be indecisive. I never was on the fence or torn between two things. I want to show you what it means to truly know yourself.When I decided to get married it was because I knew without a doubt that I could spend the rest of my life with the girl I married. I also knew that I had somehow been blessed with the greatest treasure anyone could ever find. Imagine how it feels to still feel that same way after 13 years. Without a single doubt in me, if you were to ask me everyday for the rest of my life. Even with all the other fish in the sea. There’s only one mermaid. And that sexy creature belongs to me. She’s everything you hope to be one day but day day will never come. She owns it. The rest might get a chance after her. The only time I’m ever really uncertain when it comes to her is when I’m walking behind her. Mama booty be having me lost like Nemo. That’s Right, I want it, girl. 😊 I got issues.


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