Brighter Vision

I just finished a 1700 word paper and I am worn out. Yet, I still have the energy to blog. Makes me think back to earlier today when someone told me they would text me when they got off work but never did. Oh well, you know me. Ain’t nothing I ain’t already use to. This post is going to be a little different. I mean, this is the Story of a Girl. But have you ever stopped and wondered what the guy telling the story must be like if he’s in love with a girl like the one he speaks so highly of? Ever wonder what drives me to be so….LunaRay? Truth is, everything in me is a result of her. I had to take an ethical lens assessment for school not too long ago and the results had her name written all over them. So you see, I don’t just love the girl in the story. I literally have no choice but to love her. She’s imprinted on me. And it’s times like this that she’ll never understand. Stan said, “All I wanted was a lousy letter or a call.” Well, guess what? Stan and I…We have something in common. Would never tell her that, though. The last thing I want her to know is that my whole world crumbles when she’s nowhere to be found. Have me searching for her in the daylight with a flashlight. What is love? Love is blind. And I damn sure don’t need glasses to see her beauty. You want to know the guy behind the story? Click the link. Hello. It’s me.



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