Mental Manipulation

Sharing my thoughts in this blog doesn’t feed the need to share my actual feelings with the girl in the story. At times I literally go hazelnuts because I have no real outlet. Sure (her favorite word all of a sudden), I may get to talk to her for a few minutes here and there but even that doesn’t keep me from going pistachios. You ever wanted to just matter to someone and know you do. Wake up feeling a little more prettier than you did the day before? You can call me Wes if you want because I’m craving that affection that only she can give. It’s enough to make me go almonds. There’s only one way to keep me from going pecans. I need to see her fuzzy face 😍. Unfortunately, giving her the attention she deserves usually ends up backfiring. Oh cruel world, why do you continue to spin when the people you spin for show you no love. I know the answer. Because you have no choice. I swear it’s enough to drive us both cashews. One thing is for sure though. As long as this world keeps spinning, she will continue to drive me acorns. And I will continue to be completely coconuts about her…


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