The Story of a Boy (personal thoughts)

It’s one thing to do what makes us happy. But not to do it just because of what the people around us may think or say is basically like imprisonment to ourselves. If I eat meat my vegan friend won’t like me anymore. Let’s think about our vegan friend for a minute, shall we? Do you know why our vegan friend doesn’t eat meat? Because it makes her happy. So why should we subject ourselves to doing what makes her happy if it doesn’t make us happy? Why is it any of her business what I eat anyway? A lot of times the people we surround ourselves with are centric and we go along with it because we want them to what? Keep liking us? I don’t like Peter’s girlfriend. Should I tell Pete that if he doesn’t stop talking to her, I don’t want to hang out with him anymore? Should I just bring as many girls as I possibly can around Pete with hopes he finds someone new for my own sake? These are problems we are faced with every day in the egocentric world we live in. Nobody cares what’s going on. They just want everything to favor their own personal liking. Is that really how we live? Yes, yes it is. Pete says  “I’m not leaving my girlfriend just because you don’t like her.” If you don’t like her you should keep it to yourself anyway because it’s not up to you to like her. A lot of people don’t understand that. Understand this then. You can keep eating bird food with your vegan friends. I’ll have the steak. And I’ll eat it by myself if I have to. Because that’s what make me happy. Pete you know you’re #1!



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