Loved You Then, Can’t Hate You Now

Have you ever wanted to fly? Not in an airplane, I mean really spread your wings and fly? Most would say that it’s something us as humans just can’t do. I beg to differ. But in order to leave the ground and soar in the clouds, you have to first believe you can. Believe in it more than you believe in anything else. To accomplish the impossible you have to leave behind things that go against your will.  Fear, doubt, and disbelief are all illusions that lead us to believe that we can not accomplish the impossible. You may never fly. I’m here to tell you that I have. And I will again. Simply because I know what it takes and I believe. You spend enough time with an angel and you’ll understand what it takes to be one. Of course, this is all metaphorically speaking. There’s a lesson to be taught here. Never underestimate what a person can and can’t accomplish. It’s the first and often the biggest mistake we, as people, can make. There are no endings. Only beginnings. Starting over means you’ve done something before and you’re going to do it again. Where is the ending in that? It’s more perpetual than anything. So you still say humans can’t fly? Watch me when I jump out the window and never touch the ground.  Then you can say whatever you want. It’s really hard to hear when you’re 30,000 feet up.


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