On a long enough timeline everything runs out, right? Wrong… We live, we learn, we love, we die. But what happens then? Everyone has there own opinion about this. My opinion, from a non religious standpoint, is we wait to be born again. I think we take something from our past lives and those things  follow us into the next. Even if it’s something as seemingly unsignificant as a scent or a vague memory. These things aren’t as unsignificant as we may think. If we were ever to find ourselves in that perfect place at that perfect time we can actually  tap into these “binders.” I call them binders because they link us to other things for eternity. We all know that this is, nonetheless, The Story of a Girl. So how does all this tie together? Truthfully, I feel like this life was the first time I’ve ever come across her. I feel like the reason being I just wasn’t ready for what she has to give. Now that I’ve felt the joy and pain and everything in between, I have come to a conclusion. We don’t control certain aspects of our lives. Sure, we can’t help who we love. The heart has a mind of it’s own. But it’s much deeper than that. I think those binders are presented to us when we are ready for them. When I met her I had no idea how significant she would be in my life and neither did she. We’ve loved each other, disliked eachother, left eachother, yet; in a way,  we still need eachother. That says a lot. People come and go. But have you ever had that one person that you felt bound to? It’s like the universe put you together for a reason. Because when you’re together you make magic in the air.. The universe need those kind of connections just as much as we do. So wat do I hope for in my next life.. And the one after that?  I can only hope to be in that perfect place at that perfect time…  That would make it a 3 ring 💍 binder.. Because every time I come across her, I’m never going to let her go. 


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