You know how we all have that one thing that keeps us together? Composed? Some people may say that their mother’s cooking is comforting. Or the smell of fresh flowers. Or take the girl in the story, for example.. She’d say the beach. She loved the beach soo much. Well, I loved her so much that I gave her the beach. I gave her the sunshine. I wanted her to be happy. I’ve always lived near the beach until her and I got together. I can say that out of everything I’ve ever known, nothing has ever kept me more together.. More composed than she did. Geez, I miss her so much. Feels like I lost my best friend. Lost my favorite person in the world.. Lost the only person worth writin about. I lost my wife. It hurts, yal. It’s a pain that I can’t even begin to explain. All I can do is write this blog. I know she’s out there somewhere. Probably not being loved nowhere near the way she should be. But as long as she’s happy, that’s all that matters. I’ll always be here for her if she were ever to come back. Until then, I’ll just try to keep holding on.. Holding on.. To my sanity… 


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