Lucid Dream

I’ve always felt like this but I only told her once.. Now, I must remind yal that this is, in fact, a story of a girl… But not just any girl.. THE girl.. She’s THAT girl.. And what I told her was that she’d ALWAYS be a dream worth chasing. No matter what she does.. No matter where she is.. No matter where she goes. When it comes to her, I don’t need a watch to tell you what the time is. She’s the definition of wat divine is. My favorite obsession.. The only one my heart desires. She’s the reason all of yal are still reading this blog. She’s the blueprint of perfection. She’s the whispers in my ears. She’s the figure in the distance. She’s an Angel here on Earth. She is…. The girl of my dreams..

<Side Note>
“Even though the term “lucid” means clear, lucid dreaming is more than just having a clear dream. To have a lucid dream you must know that it’s a dream while you‘re dreaming. That’s it. It doesn’t require that you can control anything in your dream, though control is what beginning lucid dreamers often aim at.”


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