Beautiful Creator Engineered It

She would sit in the mirror and put on mascara. I would sit across the room and stare at her reflection. At times, her reflection was even more beautiful than she was… Mimicking her every move was it’s only purpose, yet, there was always more to her reflection. It would sneak little smiles or glances when she wasn’t paying much attention. And it would always catch me. Staring at it. Fascinated. Amazed that we shared a connection that was deeper.. A connection that was tangible, her reflection and I. I would take pics of her while she was in the mirror to capture what I couldn’t get enough of. This is a Story of a Girl… That girl was a reflection of what I wanted to be. Desirable in every way.. If I could sum it up, I would.. But I can’t. An endless list of qualities that you wish your girl had right now. Even the things she weren’t so good at, like singing, she somehow found a way to make it beautiful. Just thinking about it has my heart racing. I would keep my eyes open when we kissed because I wanted to see her face. I traced her freckles when I didn’t think she was paying attention. When I touched her skin, my hands just would not stop moving. I was addicted to the way she smelled. When she’d get out the shower and lose the towel, my jaw would drop like it was the first time I’d ever seen her in my life. Though it all, I came to realize why I loved her reflection so much. She was a reflection of all my insecurities. Everything I wanted to be. Everything that I loved. Picture perfect.. And since day one I’ve always known.. A Beautiful  Creator Engineered It.. And there’s not another out there like her… This is… The story of THAT girl.. 


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