Take it from Me

I know it been a while, but I had to try other things. I tried baking. I tried chocolate ice cream for the first time. I tried to start a fire with a couple rocks and twigs at a campsite. That was on a Monday. However, the most important thing I tried was a girlfriend. I really didn’t want to but finally got tired of watching Pornhub every night and sleeping alone. The lil breezy I got with I’ve known since I was 15 years old. At first, it was great. Fantastic. I thought I had found a way out. Little did I know. The things I love are very specific. I don’t love pizza, I love sampegios pizza. I’ll explain. Everything that the Girl in the Story use to do, she was THE BEST at it. I found myself in a whole relationship, and I loved her, but it wasn’t the kinda love I wanted. My heart was dropping knowledge on me hard and heavy. It’s safe to say that settling for less is something I’m just not willing to do. Being with the girl in the story was always the easy part. It just made sense. I never got tired of looking at her. She amazed me on the daily. I could watch her sleep and I could not keep my hands off her. I guess it’s time I start soul searching. I have to find a way. And I will. Some say life is a gamble which means love is a casino. My time with the girl in the story isn’t over. I owe her something. And I’m the only one that can give it to her. So this is the beginning of The Story of Me Getting Back the Girl In the Story… Do you want to see how much one person can mean to another? It’s been too long. She’s the one I chose from the start. She’s the one I’d choose in the end. She gave me her heart and I’m sorry I damaged it. When she left, she took my heart away. Every night I kissed her picture on the nightstand. I know what I did was wrong and I’m sorry. When it comes to loving the Girl in the story, I’ll never take a day off. If it’s 31 days on my calendar, every one’s gonna be accounted for. So you see, you can take it from me… Your girl might be bad, but that would make the Girl in the story “The Worst.” It can’t, don’t, and won’t get any better than that. Gametime is officially over. I need that in my life.






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