I’d still rather chase a dream.. 


Keeping Promises 

This is the story of a girl, and I promise to keep it that way. This is the story of MY girl, and I promise to keep HER that way. She’s all I’ll ever really need, and I promise I need her in every way. Some things are worth waiting for, and I promise she’s worth every second. If you were to ask her, she’d tell you she’s not perfect.. I promise to me she is. I made a vow to love her forever, and I promise I take that love with me everywhere. A long time has went by, but I promise I still think about her every day. She said she’d answer if I called.. But I promise her voice scares the life out of me. I love it when I make her smile.. And I promise I try every chance I get. My hands are so tired, but I promise I’ll never let go. If she ever needed someone there to pick up the pieces, I promise I’d sprint cross-country to dry her tears. If humans turn into fish today, I promise I’d swim the whole ocean, every river, creek, waterfall, lake, and pond to find this girl.. And if da planet was destroyed today I wouldn’t care.. Because I promise she’s my world. I’m just keeping promises. 

Airplane Mode

Memorized by her silhouette. Adjacent from what’s right without even having to thing about all the ways I love her. A gold medalist is my personal Olympics, she outperforms the competition by a long shot. That same long shot in the dark that causes the silhouette that I’m so memorized by. So you see how it’s always her, the girl in the story, that comes back around. A special type of somebody. Her body.. Who else? Nobody.. Tunnel Vision. I see her clearly. Way up there somewhere. Way down there, everywhere. The why’s and the how’s not important. Just tell me when and where and I’ll be there. Until then, silence.. Traveling through time and space.. On Airplane Mode. 

In Her World 

From the first time I saw her face.. Some 14 years ago, I knew I needed her in my life and I wanted to be a part of hers. Nothing compares to the feeling she gave me. Nothing comes close to the way she loved me. It’s one of those things that makes you happy to think about, but sad at the same time. I remember being naked making confessions while cuddling in the dark. Nothing else existed. Nothing else mattered. It was just us. I admit, it was always her, in my eyes, that made everything so much better than it should be. Cooking eggs in boy shorts doing a yoga tree pose. Truely amazing, I tell you. Nothing I say can paint the picture as I saw it. And that picture, I kept in a glass frame. I cherished her. I cherished us. I cherished we. However you want to put it, I cherished it. Just thinking about her sends my senses into overdrive. The was she smelled was intoxicating. The was she tasted exquisite. The way she felt was delicate. The way she sounded was angelic. The way she looked was AMAZING. Nobody will ever understand what it feels like.. To be…  In her world.